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happiness is beautiful 


    happiness is beautiful 

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    @Ashton5SOS: I’m definitely gonna be that guy who disappears oneday and lives in a forest with a pet crocodile and write a folk album (with drum solos). for mer 

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    if you like one direction 

    • don’t talk about 5sos, talk about one direction

    if you like 5sos

    • don’t talk about one direction, talk about 5sos

    if you like both

    • ignore all the drama and continue loving the bands you love
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    5 seconds of summer zodiac signs- (insp.)

    michael clifford {scorpio} 5sos-official

    i’m starting with michael because we’re the same zodiac sign so yay

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5sos: 😛👯 

    5sos: 😛👯 

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    1st Album: Up All Night
    2nd Album: Take Me Home
    3rd Album: Midnight Memories
    4th Album: Four

    So they got home at 4 am right?